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Hi there!

We know that online shopping can be so impersonal... but it doesn't have to be!

First of all, when shopping online, you can read the story behind your favorite brands - hopefully we are one of those :) - while you typically can't while shopping in person! Read more about us here!

If you're missing a sale assistant helping you in choosing the right item for you or for a friend, we hear ya! Let us help you with a quick quiz where we will point you to the right direction:

Personal Shopper - QUIZ


Even if you don't see us, where here, just a click away! Chat with us on Facebook Messenger from 8am to 8pm EST by clicking the chat icon on our homepage.This is not literally a live chat, but we will get back to you asap! Sometimes within minutes, sometimes it might be a bit longer :) Chat with us both in English and Italian.

Or you can email us at:

with any questions.